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Before you engage an installer to carry out any solar heating work you should ask him for his current license card.
Home Solar FAQ
Solar FAQ

Solar FAQ

  • How does solar heating work?
    Solar heating uses the heat-energy of the sun to heat water. Solar can be used to heat water in hot water cylinders, swimming pools, under floor heating systems. Solar water heating systems can be categorised as direct or indirect systems.

    A direct system is one in which the water that is heated in the collector is the same water that comes out of the tap.

    An indirect system is where the water heated by the solar collector is separated from the water coming from the potable water by a heat exchanger.
  • What are the benefits of going solar? Why should I consider installing a solar system?
    The most tangible benefit is that from the moment a solar heating system is installed, you will be paying much less for your hot water. You can save up to 65% or even more on your water heating bill. Not only that but you are making a real difference to the country’s energy use and helping the environment by utilising the best renewable energy resource available!
  • Can I install a solar heating system in my commercial premises?
    Yes. There are systems available for energy needs in all commercial applications from water heating to electric power. Contact us for an obligation-free consultation with our qualified installers about how solar energy can assist you.
  • What is EECA?
    The “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority” is the organisation set up by the New Zealand Government to support and promote energy efficiency, conservation and the use of renewable sources of energy. EECA supports people at home and in business to take advantage of research, products and services that promote energy conservation and efficiency, providing information, tools and support to help them make changes that result in lower energy consumption and costs.

    They also provide funding to homeowners and businesses to purchase and install approved products and systems to help them switch to renewable energy.

    Click on the EECA logo on the front page to find out more about the organisation and how it works.
  • Isn’t it expensive to go solar? I’m not sure I can afford it.
    You may be surprised at just how affordable a solar heating system may be. With a $1,000 EECA Government grant you could be saving home heating energy costs in no time! A properly installed and certified solar heating system will also enhance the value of your property should you wish to sell it in the future.
  • Can I hook it up to my existing hot water system, or do I have to replace my hot water cylinder?
    You can retrofit solar heating to your existing system. We have solar systems available for any situation. You don’t need to replace a perfectly good cylinder or water-heating system to take advantage of solar energy.
  • My hot water cylinder needs replacing, is this a good time to look at solar heating?
    Now is the perfect time! Discuss your hot water requirements with our certified installers and find out just how easy and affordable it is to replace your old, worn out hot water cylinder with a new, efficient solar system.
  • I have a swimming pool and it is expensive to heat, can solar heating be used to heat my pool?
    Yes! You can have a pool heated exclusively by solar energy meaning no electricity costs! Extend your swimming season and add value to your home!
  • How do I know which system is best?
    We recommend a consultation with our EECA registered installers who will be able to discuss your own situation and assess what you want to achieve. That way you get a system that is tailored to your particular needs and not just any system that a salesman might want to sell you.

    Being EECA registered for both the solar systems and the installers, means you are assured of qualified advice and Government approved systems.
  • How do I choose a good quality system and a properly certified installer? There are so many solar systems advertised and they all sound great. Why should I contact solarheating.co.nz?
    By contacting us you are assured of getting fully EECA approved solar systems and qualified installers. Anyone registering with solarheating.co.nz either as a supplier or installer must be EECA approved and their certifications are verified and maintained.

    We are familiar with the systems available in New Zealand and are independent of the manufacturers and can offer independent, qualified advice.

    Solarheating.co.nz supports the New Zealand solar energy industry and can advise on and supply fully registered EECA approved solar systems by EECA accredited installers. We supply all types of systems including direct and indirect heating, closed loop systems, low and mains pressure for all your home and commercial energy needs.

    We can advise and assist in applying for a $1,000 EECA Government grant and assist with full finance if required so that you can have your quality-assured, certified solar-heating system as soon as possible. You can start saving on your energy bills sooner with the added confidence of having a quality system tailored to your needs that will enhance the value of your home and help the environment.