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Before you engage an installer to carry out any solar heating work you should ask him for his current license card.
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  • Solar Water Heating is regulated under the building act G12 since December 2007
  • All solar equipment require a building consent
  • Systems shall be tested for performance under the code for kWh saving per annum
  • System must be bio-safe and therefore a fully-automated controller is required
  • Systems shall be tested to New Zealand standard NZS2712:2007
  • Solar installer to be approved by Polytechnic
Government subsidies available only when those key points are followed


Energy Star
From June 2010, solar water heaters can qualify for Energy Star based on warranty length and Solar Savings greater than 70% Energy Star Partner is a quality indicator

International Warranty
Is the product warranty backed up by the manufacturer in the country of origin?
Would you be able to access spare parts in case that the New Zealand supplier is no longer in business?
Would the warranty continue under those circumstances?

Domestic experience
What is the domestic experience of the supplier?
How many years and how many systems have they been installing?
Do they have a BRANZ Appraised certificate?

Independent Information
Can you verify the solar performance claims independently?
The EECA website and SIA website are excellent sources.
Can the supplier show you performance case studies?