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Before you engage an installer to carry out any solar heating work you should ask him for his current license card.
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We from Solar Heating NZ take pride in all our Solar Panel Heating Products. Our range extends from Domestic water heating to Solar pool heating panels.

Sometimes It's very difficult to distinguish the difference from one solar panel to the other that's why it's important to ask the right questions when it comes to your requirements. A one solar panel does it all scenario does not exist, every solar panel is designed to perform under Ideal conditions.


We establish these conditions, analyse your requirements and provide a recommendation that will offer long terms results.
Speak to us and we will find the right solar panels for your site conditions and requirements.

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Type Flat Plate Panel
Evacuated Tubes
Unglazed Polypropylene
How does it work? Consists of an absorber, a transparent cover, a tray, and insulation. Usually a low-iron solar safety glass is used as a transparent cover, as it transmits a great amount of the short-wave light spectrum. Absorber strip is located in an evacuated glass tube The heat transfer to the fluid flows through the absorber via a U-tube or heat pipes. Several single tubes, serially interconnected, or tubes connected to each other via manifold, make up the solar collector Consists of multiple polypropylene pipes between two chambers that are acting as an absorber. No cover, frame, or insulation.
How Common Most common Moderately common Fairly common
Maturity of Technology 75 years 15 years 45 years
Common Applications Potable hot water Potable hot water & steam Swimming pools
Types Copper-copper Selective Coated
Copper-aluminium Sel. Coated
Steel Selective Coated
Copper-copper coated black
Copper-aluminium coated black
Heat Pipes
Double moulded
Type of heat transfer Open or Closed Loop Mainly Open Loop Open Loop
Resistance to Impact High Low Very High
Common Warranty 5 to 10yrs 1 to 10yrs 10yrs