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Before you engage an installer to carry out any solar heating work you should ask him for his current license card.
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Solarheating.co.nz was established to support the solar energy industry in New Zealand and coordinate the efforts of the various manufacturers, suppliers and installers of solar energy into New Zealand homes and businesses.

Solarheating.co.nz allows each company to promote its own products and services with the support and backup of a network of resources in a coordinated and highly visible medium.


For the people of New Zealand it means comprehensive, easily accessible, accurate and qualified information from the NZ Government, i.e.: EECA, the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority, and from EECA registered manufacturers and installers nationwide. Everyone can now have their own particular needs and requirements discussed by qualified engineers and suppliers ensuring them they are getting the right system for them and not having to rely on media advertising to know what is in their best interests.

Solarheating.co.nz provides answers to frequently asked questions, information on all the systems available in New Zealand, opportunity to obtain obligation-free assessment of requirements and quotes and a public forum where anyone can ask anything about the solar energy industry or put forward their own knowledge and experience. We provide information on products and services and a register for

solar heating installers throughout the country.


We arrange site visits to assess specific requirements and to give accurate quotes on a system suitable to you, the customer.


We can advise and assist in obtaining a $1,000.00 Government grant.

Contact us now with your enquiries and our service team will assist you in deciding on a solar system that will benefit your home or business.